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In response to the Coronavirus (COVID-19) we are going to do be doing Church differently for the next number of weeks. Join us here on Sunday mornings at 11 am for our Church gathering online and come back each day for our daily devotions.


Sunday Live: COVID-19 Summer Update

We hope you are as excited as we are to return to church whenever it is safest to do so as one church family. In this update, we want to share with you how our online services will look over the summer and start the discussion about the return to church.

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Sunday Live Services

Sunday Live 28/06/2020
Sunday Live 21/06/2020
Engage Live 14/06/2020
Sunday Live 07/06/2020

Daily Devotions

75. Thank you
74. Lynda
73. Reflector
72. Genealogy
71. DNA

Story Time

Noah's Ark
What a friend we have in Jesus
Heaven's Big Secret
The Lost Sheep
The Merchant and the Thief
Daniel in the Lions Den
Tallest of Smalls
Magnificent chooser
The Incredible Feast
It's Me, I Can See!

Other Videos

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12. Tom's Timeout
11. Tom's Timeout
10. Tom's Timeout
9. Tom's Timeout
8. Tom's Timeout
A Church without walls