Fairways School is located in Lutengo Village, Nama Sub County in the Mukono District about 1 hour from Kampala, the capital of Uganda.

Fairways was founded in October 2001 by Rev. Solomon Ottawa who had been given a gift of money to buy a car but instead decided to purchase 7 acres and open an orphanage and school where children with little or no hope could feel secure and work towards a future which would otherwise be beyond their reach.

He and his wife Margaret opened Fairways with 12 children and while it has changed in scale during the intervening period the ethos remains one of love, encouragement and achievement.

Working with Fairways towards self-sustainability

Solomon himself had been an orphan and fully understands what it is like to be alone from a young age but also the needs of such children to enable them to be the best that they can be.

Fairways remains an independent orphanage which caters for children from birth to through to O/ A levels and is a mixture of orphans and local children who attend day school.

Fairways is entirely funded through voluntary donations via Granshaw and over the last ten years has expanded through the generosity those in Granshaw and individuals and organisations from the greater Belfast area.

Brother Solomon and the children of fairways work tirelessly to create a better future for themselves

Current Projects

  • 2 new classrooms & Library for senior School
  • Crop cultivation and farming education for senior pupils
  • Livestock control/breeding and management of same for senior pupils
  • Completion of the Assembly Hall/Church

Governance is strictly controlled by a voluntary committee and 100% of donations are sent to Fairways

Facts About Fairways

  • c.160 Fairways children have no living relatives
  • c.170 Fairways children have living relatives but no financial means to support the child
  • c. 220 Fairways children who live locally cannot afford fees for a state school
  • Fairways ranks 22nd out of 642 schools in educational achievement in the Mukono district, many of whom are well funded or state run

More Information

To find out more about Fairways speak to:

Brian McComish Mob: 07801 045535

Tom McCullough Mob: 07717 831988.