Louder celebrates 10 years

Louder 10th Birthday picture

If you don’t know what Louder is then you are probably pretty new to Granshaw. This summer we will be celebrating our 10th Louder. So what is it?

For a lot longer than 10 years, Granshaw has been running Holiday Bible Clubs in the summer. As a local Moneyreagh kid I remember going to them myself. I remember the dramas (wonderfully performed by Tom and Doreen), the stories, and most of all the leaders who just loved hanging around with kids like me.

10 years ago a development began. Holiday Bible Club was packaged with a Football Fun Week and a Louder Cafe for teenagers in what is the most exciting week of the year - the Louder week. But Louder is more than a week long programme. Louder has developed into a prayer for our church.

Isaiah 26:8 says this, 'Yes, LORD, walking in the way of your laws, we wait for you; your name and renown are the desire of our hearts.’ As a church this has been our prayer and the desire of our heart for the last 10 years. That God’s name and fame (renown) would echo around our community. We want God’s name to be Louder in the local neighbourhoods, workplaces and school corridors. Hence why we make Louder the loudest, craziest week of the summer.

It’s so exciting that this prayer has been bouncing to heaven for 10 years now. Each year new people hear about Jesus. And each year our young people learn to serve and share the good news.

To celebrate our 10th Anniversary of Louder, we are making a few additions to the week:

- Firstly we will be selling limited edition Louder team wear. Anyone from Granshaw can buy this, just contact me and I will let you try on sizes.
- Secondly, due to popular demand we will be having a Netball Fun Week running alongside our Football Fun Week each morning. This will only be for girls in P5-7 due to restrictions in space and equipment.
- And finally we are hoping to have a 10th birthday party for Louder on Saturday 18th August for all those who have been involved over the years, whether it be at the original Holiday Bible Club or at Louder.

My prayer is that Louder will continue to develop over the next 10 years and that more and more people will hear about Jesus through it. I hope you will join us, either by helping at some of our programme or by praying alongside us - even if you didn’t even know what it was until 2 minutes ago.