Louder 2015

Louder 2015 Team

This year our goal was to make the name of Jesus louder in our community. Why? Because we are loud about the things that we love. Louder is our prayer for all of the year, however our Louder week ran from 10th-16th August this week. Each morning we had Football Fun Week. This was run by Timothy McMullan, Jordan Woods, Stuart Kelly and Dan Rosbotham. They, and their team of coaches, did a great job coaching, teaching having lots of fun with over 100 different children over the week. Thankfully, we only had one day of bad weather which was actually pretty fun!

On Monday and Wednesday afternoon our teenagers took to the streets for outreach. On Monday we posted prayer request door hangers through all the doors in Moneyreagh in the hope that people would leave out their prayer requests for us to collect on Wednesday afternoon. After we had picked up the prayer requests around Moneyreagh on Wednesday, we travelled to Comber to do the £2.50 challenge, where our teenagers spent their Moneyreagh in order to bless random people around the town. Our teenagers are incredibly courageous and willing to share the gospel with both their words and also their actions.

Every evening we ran a Holiday Bible Club, which this year was themed on Lego. We had songs, crafts, games, dramas and talks every evening, ran by a fantastic event crew. Some of these event crew were dressed up as Lego Movie characters, and still have yellow faces 3 days later! The energy this team put into Holiday Bible Club this year was extraordinary. From the set up right up until the final day, they gave 100%. Their efforts no doubt paid off, judging by the disappointment of the kids on Friday at home time. A special thanks goes to Kirsty Clarke who plans the week in the background, and everybody who helped with set up and tidy up.

After a long day our teenagers got to relax at our Louder Cafe. Each night was different, with game shows, graffiti, DJing, chocolate making and Young Life. Personally my favourite night was the Thursday night when, after a water fight, we gathered around a campfire and shared our stories. It was a privilege to hear the stories of our teenagers, and it was inspiring to hear them be so honest about their walk with God. It is a moment I will treasure for a long time, and one which confirms to me that these guys really are family.

This exciting week was down to a team that were willing to put in a lot of effort. The residential team that stayed on site the whole week went without sleep and a comfortable bed in order to make the name of Jesus louder in the lives of 100 children and 40 teenagers. The wider event crew gave up almost all of their week to do the same, and for that I am very thankful. I was exceptionally proud to be part of such a great team and thoroughly enjoyed watching our children have an unbelievable week.

I hope you get a sense of the joy of Louder through our video, and if you have never been involved in our Louder week, I would encourage you to get involved next year!