GIG Weekend 2016

6 leaders dressed as characters from Cluedo

If you've seen any of our teenagers in the last few days, you're probably puzzled by their grunting and general lack of energy. Our GIG weekend can take some responsibility for that. This weekend 43 of us took to Rosstrevor for a mid-term weekend. We had an amazing time at the Kilbroney Centre spending time with one another.

We kicked off our weekend on Friday evening with Young Life Club followed by a nightline in Kilbroney Forest. Initiatilly, their were some nerves as eye masks and tales of forest inhabitant 'Jeff' circulated around teens and leaders. However after some screams 'boo's', the nervous were transformed to laughter and excitement. Thankfully Jeff didn't make an appearance and everyone returned with nothing but wet feet.

One of my favourite moments from the weekend was our prayer time each morning at 8.15am. Half expecting to be praying on my own, I arrived in the prayer room to find 20+ people with prayer requests ready to pray together before breakfast. I was blown away by our teenager's desire to pray and to meet God.

After prayer time, Jonny and myself demonstrated our desire to serve by 'going to get tea towels'. Due to unforeseen distractions we were late home and therefore late in starting our first of 3 sessions for the weekend. We had invited Reuben and his fiance Louise along for the weekend. Reuben spoke to us for the 3 sessions on how the Cross changes everything. The 3 sessions were; 'The Cross Changes history', 'The Cross Changes Eternity', and 'The Cross Changes the Present'. It was amazing to have 2 close friends along, who will always be honourary members of GIG, to not only share a message but also to fully engage in the weekend and get to know our teenagers.

Saturday afternoon was spent in Buttercrane shopping centre getting shifty looks from security while doing our 'Photo Challenge' before we returned home for a chippy and our second session. Saturday night was a particular highlight of the weekend. We kicked off Saturday night with Ryan Weir's Murder Mystery. 6 team were given the task of finding out who killed Dr Black, why they did it and how they did it. Turns out it was our weekend speaker, Colonel Mustard. Straight after Murder Mystery our hosts 'Ross Trevor' (Peter Mulligan) and 'Tamara Knight' (Nicole Kelly) presented to us 'The Tonight Show', with lots of games and hysterical laughter.

Sunday morning completed our 3 sessions before lunch and tidy up, which was done in record time. And before we knew it the weekend was over and we were on our way home. A big thank you to Reuben and Louise for coming along and joining us for the weekend. Also to our teenagers who, as always, get fully involved in the weekend and are incredibly easy to take away. And finally, but most importantly, to our leaders who not only give up their weekend, but who pay to give up their weekend. All of them do it out of a desire to see the teenagers in Granshaw grow in faith and their love for Jesus, making it a complete priviledge to have them as part of the leadership team at Granshaw.

So be patient with our tired teenagers and leaders this week. They've had a busy weekend.