Ben & Eve Baptised

Ben & Eve Baptism service at Helen's bay

My favourite part of being in Youth Ministry is being given the opportunity to be involved in the baptism of our young people. On Saturday 29th October, I got the opportunity to do this. Ben and Eve had both taken the step in being baptised in front of their friends and family at Helen's Bay. Thankfully for them, it was a lovely autumn afternoon (although somebody forgot to turn on the water heater).


It has been such a priviledge to journey alongside both Eve and Ben in their discipleship so far. The opportunity to be part of this service at Helen's Bay was extra special because I know this is a huge milestone in what will continue to be a grand story of God using 2 fantastic young Christians in both this church, and also among those in their friends and family.


The service was led by Mark with the help of Ben and Eve's mums, who both read. It was also special to have one of Ben's teachers along to pray blessing over the two long-time friends as they took this step together.


I asked Ben to share a bit about how God has brought him to baptism:

'I had been thinking about the subject for quite some time and over the GIG weekend in early October, there was one talk in particular that made me realise that I've been making up excuses up until now not to get baptised. It was then that I realised that time is too unpredictable to postpone these symbolic acts such as baptism and communion as realistically, we never know how much time we have left. I was nervous and had my doubts but knew this was something I had to do to profess my faith and knew that it was the work of the Devil in planting these doubts in my mind. My baptism now acts as a daily reminder of what I have progressed to become a part of and that I should try to be an ambassador for Christ by sharing the Gospel with those who have not yet heard it or understand it enough to know that they can be saved through faith in Christ as their Lord and Saviour.'

I'm excited to watch Ben and Eve continue to grow in their faith and lead in our church. I've no doubt that their families are incredibly proud of them, just as we are as a church.

To Ben and Eve, I pray for so many blessings in your journey ahead and ask that God would continue to make you more and more like Jesus.