A Church without walls

Dear friends,

We find ourselves in a very strange and for many frightening place. The coronavirus has started to really take effect. Many people outside church are worried about their work and many inside our church are worried about the future. Right at the outset let me remind you what the Bible tells us about God.

“The LORD sits enthroned above the circles of the earth.” (Isa 40 v 22)

God is still in control over everything, that is our great hope.

We in Granshaw have been working hard to keep church going as best we can in these different times and so we are going to have to do church differently for the next number of months.

We have focused on three main areas within our church family.

  1. Worship 
  2. Fellowship
  3. Practical Support

Sunday Morning worship will continue online (www.granshaw.org) Sermon section. These should be available from 10 am each Sunday. We would love people to share in this time at 11 am and for family and friends to watch and share. 

Also, I hope to do a ‘Church Without Walls’ daily thought for the day, which will be available each morning at 9 am.

Also as we develop we will add Bible Studies/Family Devotions/Youth & children’s stuff.

It will be hard for us to be together, so we are relying on everyone to phone/email/text/Snapchat each other and to show real care not just for Granshaw Family folks but for our community.

The Elders have their districts list and you will be contacted by them and if you are in that vulnerable group contact will be more often. 

We on the Ministry Team are sorry that we cannot visit in person but we all must do things differently.

Practical Support
We have also developed a practical help group. If you or anyone you know needs help please contact this number 07724409555. This number will be manned 24 hours a day. If you need assistance/out of food/need a prescription collected etc. please contact the number and we will try and get what you need as soon as possible.

I cannot stress enough that all our information will be on our web site. 

In the Bible we have stories about all kinds of problem and disastrous events; floods/war/famine/disease, and God never left His people, nor will he leave us. In fact, he brings his people through difficult times changed but better off.

Love each other, pray for each other and remember that God is still in control.

With love & prayers

Your Minister