Giving thanks for the ordinary this Christmas

We are fast approaching Christmas and no other church calendar event is surrounded by as much complacency, craziness and tinsel (which should be banned - horrible stuff). At Christmas we try to make ordinary stuff, extraordinary. Thousands of blinking lights all over our house, over-priced Disney decorations hanging from artificial trees, insane quantities of Turkey which we don’t even like the rest of the year, and so many wrapped presents under the tree that we can’t even remember what we bought. All to make Christmas extraordinary.

And yet Christmas was always supposed to be the opposite. Making the extraordinary, ordinary.

Louder celebrates 10 years

Louder is more than a week long programme. Louder has developed into a prayer for our church.

Project 25 Christmas Message 2017

Thank you for joining us for Project 25. We hope our countdown as helped you focus on the true meaning of Christmas this year.


Christmas at Granshaw

There is also a lot going on at Granshaw over the Christmas period. Why not join us at one of our special services or events.

Organisations will soon be starting back

We hope you've all had a great summer and are getting the kids ready for back to school. That also means that it's time for most of our organisations to start up again.

Summer Youth Report 2017

Making God Louder is not about putting on the best show in town. It's about getting down on our hands and knees and washing people's feet. Because that's what Jesus did.

BB Junior Section Weekend to Ardanbannon 2017

Last Friday myself and 3 other brave BB officers took on the task of taking 20 Junior Section BB boys on a trip to Ardnabannon Outdoor Education Centre. With P5’s only just back from a school trip, we didn’t quite know what to expect. And when our bus wouldn’t start at Granshaw, we feared that the rest of the weekend would follow in a similar fashion.

Easter Celebrations at Granshaw

During Easter we have a range of services and events with something to suit everyone. Why not come along to a few of them?

A Christmas Message from Mark and AK

Christmas Eve is almost here! As Project25 comes to a close enjoy this last clip about what God gave up so we could have real peace on earth and forgiveness complete.

Junior Leader Training 2016

A quick look at some of the training our leaders have been involved in.