Organisations will soon be starting back

We hope you've all had a great summer and are getting the kids ready for back to school. That also means that it's time for most of our organisations to start up again.

Summer Youth Report 2017

Making God Louder is not about putting on the best show in town. It's about getting down on our hands and knees and washing people's feet. Because that's what Jesus did.

BB Junior Section Weekend to Ardanbannon 2017

Last Friday myself and 3 other brave BB officers took on the task of taking 20 Junior Section BB boys on a trip to Ardnabannon Outdoor Education Centre. With P5’s only just back from a school trip, we didn’t quite know what to expect. And when our bus wouldn’t start at Granshaw, we feared that the rest of the weekend would follow in a similar fashion.

Easter Celebrations at Granshaw

During Easter we have a range of services and events with something to suit everyone. Why not come along to a few of them?

A Christmas Message from Mark and AK

Christmas Eve is almost here! As Project25 comes to a close enjoy this last clip about what God gave up so we could have real peace on earth and forgiveness complete.

Junior Leader Training 2016

A quick look at some of the training our leaders have been involved in.

Lisburn Christmas Lights Festival 2016

Granshaw teens take part in the Lisburn Christmas Lights Festival

Ben & Eve Baptised

A look back at the baptism of 2 fantastic young people at Helen's Bay

GIG Weekend 2016

What goes on in Rosstrevor stays in Rosstrevor. Well not really...

This week at Louder

Day 1 of Louder is finished. What a great day. You don't want to miss the rest of the week.

Easter Fast

Mark is encouraging members of the congregation to take up the challenge of fasting this Easter from after the Good Friday Service until after the Dawn Service on Easter Sunday Morning.

Grassroots Mission - Easter 2016

On the 19th March 9 of the men from the church are heading to Rwanda and Uganda for 2 weeks on a value based football mission trip.

GIG trip to Tayto Park

On Thursday 29th October GIG are going on a trip to Tayto Park in Dublin.


Why not come along this Sunday night and experience Church in a completely different way at Engage.

A reflection on Louder 2015

So there was this bush. Loads of people had walked past it. It had been there for years. Nobody ever paid attention to it. It wasn’t a particularly picturesque bush.

Louder 2015

This year our goal was to make the name of Jesus louder in our community. Why? Because we are loud about the things that we love.

Get involved in an i-group

This summer is your chance to be involved an i-group. i-groups are interest groups.

GIG Weekend 2015

On Friday evening 29 GIG teens and leaders met at Granshaw to set off for a special weekend at Cornmill Quay in Annalong.

Church Picnic and BBQ

This Sunday afternoon will be our annual Church Picnic and BBQ.

Ladies Quiet Day postponed

Unfortunately we have had to postpone the Ladies Quiet Day until Saturday 5th September 2015 due to a double booking at Mount Stewart.

Family Fun Nights

The Granshaw Family Fun Nights are for families large or small and are an opportunity to spend quality time with the kids and hang out with others.