Granshaw Family Church seeks to be a haven for people with broken hearts.

We believe that as God's family we should love, care for and support one another in the ups and downs of everyday life. We want you to feel at home, be inspired by the worship, and challenged by the biblical messages.


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A reflection on Louder 2015

Posted by AK on 21 August, 2015

So there was this bush. Loads of people had walked past it. It had been there for years. Nobody ever paid attention to it. It wasn’t a particularly picturesque bush.

Louder 2015

Posted by AK on 17 August, 2015

This year our goal was to make the name of Jesus louder in our community. Why? Because we are loud about the things that we love.

Get involved in an i-group

Posted by AK on 01 July, 2015

This summer is your chance to be involved an i-group. i-groups are interest groups.